General information

Confectionery factory “Vitba” is the leader on the breakfast cereals market and one of the largest producers of flour confectionery products in the Republic of Belarus (is one of the five Belarusian largest producers of flour confectionery products).

Our values:

  1. We are trustworthy! As being the leader on the breakfast cereals and wafer products markets “Vitba” is well known and beloved by Belarusian consumers. And we’re proud of it.
  2. We produce a wide range of products for different occasions and invent new forms and tastes to please our loyal consumers.
  3. The best equipment and innovative technologies let us to be the market leader for many years: brand “Vitba”  has been on the market almost 30 years!
  4. We use the best European equipment and guarantee the highest quality of our products. It is one of the priorities in our values because our reputation is the thing that we especially care for. 
  5. Генеральный директор фабрики Витьба Александр Иванович Гидранович

Our quality management system is certified  for conformity to the requirements of international standard STB ISO 9001-2015 in the National Conformity Approval System of the Republic of Belarus and DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 in the German Accreditation System.

The factory products for many times have been honored with high awards and won such international competitions as “Product of the year”, “Choice of the year”, “Best products of the Republic of Belarus”, “Best Belarusian products on the Russian Federation market”, “Product of Olympic quality”, “Our trademark”.

 “Vitba” brand is intended to improve the quality of consumers lives. "Vitba" breakfast cereals and sweets are inexhaustible sources of good mood and natural value. With support and care of "Vitba" our consumers move forward filling their lives with new experiences and raising them to high and qualitatively new levels.