Dry breakfast cereals shop

Confectionery factory “Vitba” was founded in November 1989. Then the construction of the first building – the breakfast cereals shop - was started. In June 1991 two production lines by English company APV “Baker” were installed. They manufactured breakfast cereals using extrusion technology. The same year in August first products were produced – filled pillows, cornflakes, rice balls, pops from cereals mixture.

Nowadays “Vitba” is the leader of Belarusian breakfast cereals market with market share over 60%. There are two lines at “Vitba” breakfast cereals shop: for production of cereals and pillows.

The breakfast cereals line produces cornflakes, balls and pops from rice, corn and cereals mixture. The pillows line produces pillows with different fillings.

Extrusion technology underlying the process of “Vitba” breakfast cereals production consists of short-time impact of high temperature and high pressure on raw materials. It allows finished products to save maximum nutrition value of raw cereal materials.

Confectionery shop

In September 1995 the second stage of the factory was commissioned – the confectionery shop where production of non-glazed and glazed flat wafers has been started  on the equipment of Austrian company “Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen”. Now wafers are made on two lines that differ by the method of filling.

In December 1996 the production of filled wafer straws was started on “Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen” equipment.

In December 1997 Czech and Italian equipment was mounted in the confectionery shop to produce cookies including ones with fillings (“sandwich” type). 

Wafer shop

In December 1996 the third section of the plant was commissioned – the wafer shop equipped with “Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen” equipment for flat wafers manufacturing.

In March 2006 production of wafer rolls  was launched in the wafer shop on Austrian “Franz Haas Waffel-und Keksanlagen-Industrie” equipment. Wafer rolls  “Vitba” have unique form (they are rolled up from thin, delicate and aired wafer sheets and have S-shaped loop in the middle) that makes the product aspeccialy delicate.

In May 2009 in the wafer shop Austrian “Franz Haas Waffel-und Keksanlagen-Industrie” equipment was mounted for production of wafer straws. On this very line “Vivaili” wafer straws are produced. It is a unique product not only for Belarusian consumers but also for other CIS countries. Lightness and delicate taste of “Vivaili” are the result of innovative technological solution. Filling is put on the inside part of a straw in a thin layer and does not fill it completely. It defines marvelous taste impressions that this unique product creates.

In September 2010 production of wafer bars with topping and double glazing was launched on “Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen” equipment. This very line produces wafer bars "Vitba.by" — multilayered crunchy filled wafers covered with milk glaze, peanuts, puffed rice and cornflakes.

Sponge confectionary workshop in Orsha district

Vitba confectionary factory is the only belarussian enterprise that is specialized in sponge confectionary producing. 

Sladkaya Strana confectionary factory was commissioned in June 2014. In 2015 Vitebsk Region Executive Committee decided to join “Sladkaya strana” enterprise to MUE "Vitebsk confectionery plant "Vitba" as a branch. Joining was complete in July 2015. And on June 1 2018 the branch has been restructured to the sponge confectionary workshop.

There is a modern automated production line installed at the enterprise that produces sponge cakes and sponge-cake rolls. Equipment has come from leading European suppliers: Denmark, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands. 
Vitba sponge confectionary products are produced under two trademarks: Mamita (sponge-cake rolls for family audiences) and Snow Max (sponge cakes for children).



Quality control

The quality control of incoming raw materials and finished products is provided by the factory's laboratory in compliance with a laboratory control scheme. Our laboratory that is equipped with modern measurement systems and test equipment tests products for organoleptic, physicochemical, microbiological and radiation safety parameters.

Since 2001 the quality management system of the State Enterprise “Confectionery factory “Vitba” has been implemented in compliance with requirements of international standard ISO 9001 and certified  in the National Conformity Approval System of the Republic of Belarus and in the German Accreditation System.

Since 2009 safety management system based on hazards and risks analysis (HACCP system) has been implemented at the factory.